Michelle + Nathan | Wedding / by Suzanne Price


We're kicking off our shiny new blog with a wedding that is near and dear to our hearts. See that dashing groom? He just happens to be my baby brother. Born just 23 months after me, Nathan and I have more similarities than differences. Perhaps that's why we get along so well. However, it is that short list of differences that makes Nathan exceptionally endearing to me and to everyone he meets. Firstly, he is nothing short of a gazelle when it comes to walking, hiking, and general adventuring. He's sure footed and fearless. Quick, yet never oblivious to detail. Secondly, unlike most people I know, Nathan is genuinely interested in everyone, and when he tells stories about folks that he meets he makes every individual sound like a main character. 

I first met Michelle when I moved back from Japan several years ago. Her warmth and social IQ were the very first things I noticed about her. I don't think I know anyone else who can make just about anyone feel comfortable and cared for, qualities that left this introvert in a constant state of awe and wonder.

Photographing their wedding was a no-brainer for Dan and I. Being able to spend the day with Michelle from getting ready in the morning to their blissful grand exit as husband and wife was a gift beyond measure, and it tickled me silly to know that Dan was spending the day with my brother, his new brother in law. 

Nathan and Michelle were married at Nestledown, a beautiful venue tucked away in a bowl of redwoods just outside of Los Gatos, California. Handmade details were everywhere, from Nathan's handmade guest book, to the chutneys and relishes that Michelle and Nathan made as favors for their guests. Why don't I stop talking so you can take a look!

Venue // Nestledown, Los Gatos CA

Videographer // Cardboard Films

Caterer // Toast Bay Area

DJ // Sound in Motion

Flowers // Friend of Bride

Desserts // Friends of Bride and Groom