Shannon + Corey | Wedding / by Suzanne Price


Now that the air is so chilly it's hard to think back to how hot it was on this bright, balmy Cleveland Saturday. I met Shannon and Corey at their downtown apartment with the intention of doing a photo walk to Voinovich Park on the way to their fun renegade style elopement. We soon forgot that we were sweating and had a blast taking in the beautiful architecture and the relative calmness that a Saturday afternoon in the city affords. 

The ceremony was attended by a few dozen friends and family. I helped the couple choose a cool, shady spot with a great view of downtown (not to mention away from the myriad of couples with massive bridal parties pulling up to the park every 10 minutes). Vows, rings, and a kiss were exchanged, and then we took some casual photos with friends and Shannon's beloved poochie Samantha. The couple had a dinner planned that evening at Market Garden Brewery, so to top off our day we headed over to Ohio City to enjoy the beautiful light, the gorgeous spectacle that is the West Side Market, and the luxurious scents wafting from all of the local restaurants. 

Having planned a quite large wedding myself, I really appreciate the simplicity and the focus on what really matters when you set that date. Thanks for the perspective and the honor, you two!