Nikki + Matthew // Expecting / by Suzanne Price


I've known Nikki and Matthew for a few years. I was first introduced to them when Nikki's sister married Matthew's brother (!!!) and they were both members of the bridal party. Fast forward nearly a year, and I found myself photographing their own wedding. Now, a year and a half later, Nikki and Matthew called me once again to photograph their journey into parenthood. For now, their baby girl is still cooking away, and mom and dad are SUPER excited to see her tiny face in February. I predict this little one will be the perfect bohemian wild child, barefoot in the dirt collecting flowers and petting frogs and grasshoppers, unafraid. And, much to dad's liking, she'll have impeccable rhythm. We look forward to meeting you, little lady! Until then, here are a few photographs from one beautiful December day before you were born.