Michelle and Nathan | Video by Cardboard Films / by Suzanne Price

A few days ago we showed you some preview photographs of the wedding my brother and new sister-in-law, Nathan and Michelle. Our dear friends from Cardboard Films have rounded out the preview experience by sharing their video teaser as well!

Cardboard Films hail from Nashville, Tennessee. Taylor Burgess, owner, videographer, editor, and sweetheart of a Southern gentleman, has created an aesthetic that is at once dreamy and in-the-moment, fun as can be, tender, and SO full of life. Taylor is also a musician, and often adorns the full day films with ultra dreamy homemade tracks that seem to become one with the moving image. In a word, we LOVE him to pieces. 

Enjoy this snippet of California goodness and a whole lotta love.

Taylor Burgess  //  Video and Editing

Payton McCullom // Video