Rebecca + Shasta | A North Bay Engagement Session / by Suzanne Price


Sometimes you meet a couple and their interactions remind you of a musical harmony. The tempo may change, the mood may change, even the key - but the two individuals keep singing out their unique note through the vast quiet to arrive at a pleasing sound that, while not identical, brings warmth and comfort. In fact, the pairing of these notes gives each voice purpose, meaning - that great creative something out of nothing that only humanity can achieve. Meet Rebecca and Shasta. 

We spent the day with Rebecca and Shasta in the north bay, driving leisurely through Marin and Sonoma Counties. We started out the day feasting on oysters and other delectables at Hog Island, and then moved to Inman Family Wines for a delightful and delicious tasting. In between we meandered through trees heavy with fruit, grapevines at rest for the autumn, and beautiful bridges barely one car wide. We ended the day in the expanse of an orchard with rolling California hills hugging the horizon. It couldn't have been more perfect. 

Hearts, you two. 

. . . and a few shots on film - taken with a Konica T4 on Kodak Elite Chrome 200 Slide Film