AMBER + CHUCK | Impossible Project photographs / by Suzanne Price


I can honestly say that every wedding we photograph offers up a unique beauty, whether it be through fingerprint-rare narratives, family and friend dynamics, or the surprising little moments that no one expects but end up being cherished, like a bookmark in the pages of memory.

Amber and Chuck's wedding was brimming with all of these varied elements, to be sure, but also provided us with a very special opportunity to stretch our creative muscles. Chuck and Amber's Austin wedding at The Hotel Saint Cecilia (can I just say OMG? More on this story in the teaser!) was SUPER DUPER teensy.  See those chairs in the first photograph below? All the guests were seated there. The intimacy of the day paired with the choice to go sans bridal party gave us the opportunity to spend TONS of time with the bride and groom, who happen to be nearly carbon copies of Dan and I! Amber and Chuck have a love and admiration for the vintage and the analogue, whether it be music, tchochkes, or film. When Amber expressed her desire to introduce Polaroids into the mix, we jumped at the chance. It's not difficult to take the occasional instant photo at a typically busy wedding, but on this day we were able to document aspects of the whole day, which was absolutely marvelous. One of my very favorite parts of the day was after dinner, when we spread out all of the photographs onto a table and pointed out what we liked about each one; the slight painterly blur of one portrait, the unexpected color of another. It was really special to us - don't think we didn't leave giddy!

Special thanks to The Impossible Project for keeping this cherished medium alive and for challenging the creative spirit in all of us, and to Scott Meivogel of Aperture Photography & Variety Store for stoking Cleveland's analogue fire and for the incredibly useful tips regarding the beautiful (and potentially costly) idiosyncrasies of Impossible Project films!

Take a peak below for a glimpse into this love filled day!