Rachel + Paul | Rock Creek Wedding Teaser / by Suzanne Price


Where to begin? I have known Rachel for many years, and still remember the first time we met. I was a little tipsy and thought she was mysterious and delightful, so I tried really hard to hold it together and make a good impression. I don't think I did a very good job, but we became friends in the coming years nonetheless! While life prevents us from seeing each other every day, she holds a special place in my heart as a kindred who lives life deeply, passionately, and especially creatively.  

As long as I've known Rachel, there has been Paul. He's quiet, giving, kind, and easy on the eyes. It's easy to see why Rachel fell for him; why they fell for each other.  

Photographing this wedding was such a delight. A quiet first look in a majestic wood, ladies in lavender hues, gents in vests, barefoot and sockless, expansive farmland and bubbles for days. Rachel kept saying it was more than she could have ever dreamed. As I relayed this sentiment to Dan today, I was overcome with emotion. We both know that feeling well.  

Here's to you, my dears. Live well, love deep.