STACEY + DAVID | Mentor Headlands Engagement Session / by Suzanne Price

Let me just say that beyond loving the banter and energy and sweetness between these two, I am enamored with them as human beings. As soon as we started to chat, my protective introverted shell melted and we all just. . . relaxed. 

A gorgeous spring day at Mentor Headlands provided us with a magical sun-kissed setting in which to slow down and enjoy a process that can sometimes be a little unnerving to those of us (including myself!) who tend to be a little self conscious when a camera is looming nearby. I always consider it such a sweet triumph when I see luminous authentic smiles looking back at me while I edit!  

Stacey and David, I loved every minute of our time together, this parenthetical moment in your story of what was and what will be. You have touched my heart, and I wish you all of the delight, wonderment, and light that life has to offer.