Impossible Project

Lunch with Katie by Suzanne Price

Today I am a busy little editing bee, but I took some time out to spend  lunch hour with my friend Katie. We chatted over our coffees and yummy eats at Bon Bon Bakery, and then took advantage of the glorious sunshine and strolled over to Unique Thrift for a little wardrobe shopping for tomorrow's shoot. It was there that Katie spotted this glorious, well worn leather purse, and promptly snatched it up.

"Why am I more excited for an old purse that costs four dollars then shopping at expensive boutiques?" The searching. The finding. The fact that there is only one item with this story. It's something to be cherished. Friendship is a little like that. We find each other through circumstance, or proximity, or coincidence. We devote ourselves to one another despite of and because of the little quirks, imperfections, and wabisabi-like beauty that is so inherent in humanity. And best of all, friendship is free!  

It's something to be cherished.

Both photos Impossible Project's PX-70 Color Protection Film