The Dempsey Family by Suzanne Price


When we photograph little ones it always seems so special to show context - the color and light in a childhood room, booties bought when baby was just a twinkle, moments between parent and child so intimate because they are swaddled in the comfort of home. The Dempsey's have created a gorgeous space for their little one, and the love that flows between the three of them is palpable. Thank you for the opportunity to tell the story of your blossoming family!  

Costello Family | Cleveland Heights Family Photography by Suzanne Price

costello family-2.jpg

Cool, crisp, bright autumn days are a good match for a curious young lad to whom hollow sticks, pine needs, and moss covered rocks are the best toys (though a pocket full of cars is a requisite as well). The Costello family are kind, happy folks, and their little one Oliver is as cute as a button and pretty much has the most amazing silvery eyes I've ever seen. Won't you spend an afternoon with us?