Molly + Jon | Sagamore Hills Wedding by Suzanne Price


Tenderness. Long loving glances. Caring families. What a splendid day we shared with Molly and Jon. Their ceremony was at the gorgeous home where she grew up, the property dotted with large beautiful trees, a small vineyard, and romantic stone stairways. Since they opted out of a bridal party, we had tons of time to get ice cream, frolic in the river at Brecksville Reservation, and even pet horses at the Brecksville Stable! It's a day that won't soon be forgotten. Congratulations you two! 

MARISA + MICHAEL | Cleveland Wedding Teaser by Suzanne Price


Marisa and Michael travelled all the way up from their home in Florida to have their wedding in Marisa's home state of Ohio. So many out of town guests at this lovely celebration! We sincerely hope you all enjoyed our balmy Cleveland summer! 

Marisa and Michael are as sweet as pie. I learned at their reception that Marisa's favorite book is the Silmarillion, which excited me to no end. And you know, it just makes sense. These two are brillant beautiful nerds of the VERY best kind. 

We absolutely loved their book themed reception. OF COURSE! And Marisa's hair? Absolutely elvin!  

Anar calúva tielyanna.  The sun shall shine over your path. Congratulations you two!