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Creative Clubhouse - May Edition by Suzanne Price

A long exhale. A back rub. A much needed hug. That is precisely how this Creative Clubhouse lunch felt. So many of us are hunched over computers or toiling away alone that we so often forget how restorative it can be to get together. I am so utterly guilty of this, and regrettably I've suffered for it. Now this introvert is seeing the value in saying "yes." Regardless of how genuine your social media presence may be, there is still a certain measure of putting one's best foot forward. When we gather we can talk about our struggles, laugh through the trials and tribulations of our stressful entrepreneurial efforts, and hold each other up in all of our imperfect glory. It's about acceptance. It's about accountability. It's about real live friendships. 

Special thanks to Kelli from The Agrarian Collective for preparing such a lovely luncheon and Stephanie Sheldon of Indie Foundry for hosting such magic. 

Katie + Nick | A St. Louis Wedding by Suzanne Price

Photographing in a new city is always such a joy, especially when the subject is an old friend. I've known Nick for a long time via his friendship with my brother. He's a sweet, adventurous guy with a love for nature and humanity. The day before the wedding was my first time meeting Katie, but her boisterous, ever-laughing personality made me so happy - it's easy to see why she and Nick click. 

Katie and Nick are both photo aficionados who love exploring St. Louis in its various stages of decay and revival. They chose to stay and walk around St. Louis' Soulard neighboorhood, briming with French inspired charm and the oldest farmer's Market west of the Mississippi. We then travelled over to the now defunct Lemp Brewery, which offers acres and acres of textures, color, and history in which to run around and explore. One particularly memorable moment of the day was when Nick opened one of the groomsman's pocket squares to reveal a touching screen printed memorial to their friend Jubal, who was meant to be a groomsman but passed away in a car accident earlier this year. So wonderful that they chose to celebrate his life in this way. 

The ceremony at Saints Theresa and Bridget Catholic Church was just lovely and the reception at Plush, a music venue with FANTASTIC event space was so cool. Katie worked hard on all of the decor details and it showed! 

Major congrats you two!