Lissa + Steven | a Foxburg, PA wedding by Suzanne Price


What can I possibly say that cannot be seen by looking through these photographs? Lissa and Steven are an incredibly handsome pair who have the most tender, loving dynamic. Their vows took place at the achingly beautiful Mitchell's Pond Inne and the reception was at the appropriately named and completely lovely Allegheny Grille. 

Inspiring from start to finish. So much love. So much hope. For keeps!

Nicole + Dan | Mooreland Mansion Wedding by Suzanne Price


Darlings with smarts for miles and wits to match, I was immediately smitten with Nicole and Dan for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they first met in Japan. Major musicphiles, their wedding was adorned the most precious of vocal and instrumental performances, and the reception featured some of the most dancetastic 80's goodies (on vinyl, of course) and the AMAZING Chardon Polka Band. Oh, what summery fun! Wishing you two the very best!