Pierce Family - An In Home Family Session by Suzanne Price

This is our second in home session with the Pierce family and it's so fun to see how much little E. has grown! We really wanted to keep things natural and open, and between playtime, some yard fun, a feeding, a bath - we covered a whole evening of activity. Needless to say, time spent with the Pierce's is always so sweet. I can't wait until next time!

The Dempsey Family by Suzanne Price

It's such a fun, gratifying experience to watch a family grow over the course of a few years. Little personalities emerging, sibling relationships being forged in those very first moments. And more and more I'm leaning toward only doing family sessions in and around the home and perhaps on little purposeful outings. It feels stressful for both parents and children to have to stand still and smile for photographs. The dynamic of relationships and giggles, cries, quiet, silliness, and joy welling up naturally is where true magic is to be made. 

It's always a pleasure spending time with the Dempseys. This light filled shared bedroom is the perfect little spot to sprawl out and enjoy a morning.