Zoë and Matt | A beautifully personal Cleveland celebration by Suzanne Price


Homemade florals. Matt with flowers in his hair. Zoë of luminous smile. Color. Friends speaking love and testimonies of the impact these two have had on their lives. Pizza. Flash mob.

The most beautiful way to start out the 2019 wedding season!

Dress | BHLDN

Wedding/Reception Venue | Masthead Brewery

DJ | DJ White Rims

Special thanks to Milkshop Photography for assisting!

Jessica + Ryan | A Cuyahoga Valley National Park Elopement by Suzanne Price

It's not every day that we get to hike out over ice covered rocks for a beautifully natural, serenely quiet, supremely joyous elopement. Fresh flowers, fresh denim, and fresh coffee punctuated this celebration. We loved Jessica's Pendleton blanket inspired coat and the thoughtful tarot coffee mugs provided by a dear friend for a little winter wonderland toast. 


Lizzie + Ryan | A Beautiful Cleveland Elopement by Suzanne Price

We were so thrilled to be a part of Lizzie and Ryan's elopement at Cleveland's stunning restaurant The Plum. Lizzie's brother is a chef and prepared a beautiful meal for the couple and their guests which made it even more special! High ceilings, tons of natural light, and the most beautiful color palette - Lizzie's design made the space sing even more! Of course Lizzie's beautiful blue gown from Miranda's Vintage Bridal is a total show stopper. Take a look for yourselves!


Leah + Pat by Suzanne Price

Leah is bright and funny, formidable in her tiny frame. Pat is quiet and quick witted, a wily smile never far away. Observe the way they look at one another. Lives well lived, together. We adore you Leah and Pat!

Furniture: Borrow Rentals | Invitation Design + Paper Goods: Nick Matej of Downtime Collective | DJ: HIFI Entertainment | Cake: Courtney Bonning | Florals: Branch and Bloom | Dress: A Brides Design | Ceremony: Wade Chapel | Reception: Bohemian National Home

Jenny + Mike by Suzanne Price


I feel that if I say too much I will detract from the magic incarnate that is Jenny and Mike. When you come face to face with either of them you feel SEEN, HEARD, LOVED. Their dear friend Amanda read the following words during their vows. Not a single dry eye. 

"Why have a wedding? Well, why send astronauts into outer space?

Sure, there are uncertainties. You can’t predict what might happen on
the big day. There are asteroids to think about. It could be very
stressful. All those buttons. And all those people in a small area.
Will there be enough food? Enough bathrooms? It’s enough to make a
person question the endeavor.

And yet here you are. You put on the special clothes, the finest
you’ve ever worn. You’ve gotten this far, and now your whole world is
watching, as you knew they would be. But something else is happening.
And this is the part you couldn’t have predicted—you are watching your
whole world: your new marriage, and all the people you love who are
here to witness it. You’re orbiting in a capsule just above, and so
for the first time you see it all at once. Your life, your love. See
how lush it is? How exquisite and unlikely, a gorgeous blue-green
sphere rotating peacefully in the void? How clouds cluster over whole
continents and then just blow away? You didn’t come up here just for
the vantage point—there were other reasons—but now that you’re here,
press your nose to the window. Savor the view. This is your life, with
one another, supported by all of us. Now that you see how precious it
is you know with certainty that even as it spins quietly on an axis
you can’t control, you will preserve it. What is the thing I want to
say that I have to reach all the way out into outer space to
articulate? Cherish, love, treasure, appreciate, cleave and hold dear,
remember, remember, remember. When you’re back on the ground, remember
this view."

Venue: The Bolton House | Florals: Molly Taylor & Co | Planning: A Charming Fete | Dress: Something White | Desserts: Hummingbird Bake Shop | Furniture: Borrow Rentals | Catering: Driftwood Catering

Shasta + Rebecca at three years. by Suzanne Price

Rebecca + Shasta | January 27, 2014 | San Francisco, CA

Rebecca + Shasta | January 27, 2014 | San Francisco, CA

Today is Shasta and Rebecca's third wedding anniversary, so I thought I'd reach out to them to ask what they've learned about themselves and each other!

Rebecca mentioned the importance of the desire to grow together by taking the time for individual growth. When you see your partner taking the steps to grow, encourage them - you'll be better for each other! 

Shasta talked about "the power of reflective listening (RIGHT???)" Also, she said it is vital to approach each other with empathy, acknowledging how past bruises can affect the present. We work to heal those wounds together.

Dan has been friends with Rebecca for many years, but I am SO grateful for the friendship that has blossomed between the four of us in the intervening years. They are a constant source of joy, inspiration, and TONS of hilarity. They make the world better.