Our Journey to the Pacific Northwest on Film / by Suzanne Price

Portland's friendliness and ridiculously good food. Mt. Hood's snowcapped treelined beauty, making us feel small and humble in the best possible way. The Columbia River Gorge; color, elements, sunshine. The Oregon Coast's incomparable rugged and powerful beauty. Redwoods, enormous clover, the quietness of life that has experienced the centuries. Rejuvenation at its brightest. 

We were able to spend some quality time with our friends Danielle and Mike who are currently riding their bicycles from Canada to Mexico down the Pacific Coast. Glorious. Once we arrived in San Francisco, we spent an incredible day in the north bay taking engagement photos with Rebecca and Shasta (on the blog soon)! 

All photos below were shot using Portra 800. Dan used the Konica T4 he inherited from his father (all of Dan's baby photos were shot with it) and I used a Pentax K1000 I bought at a garage sale while in high school (which was, like, a billion years ago). I can't believe how perfectly film captures the very essence of the Pacific Northwest - moody and atmospheric and incredibly rich. My favorite among the bunch is the very last photograph in the group, taken by Dan. The raven pair mirrored the two of us, taking in the coastal vista as one.